Blacktown Workers has engaged all staff and contractors in our sustainability program to ensure that they are all aware of the direction the Club is taking in achieving positive results in energy saving.

With over 220 staff education & training is a high priority and we encourage all staff members to get involved and contribute ideas.

The introduction of our Team Eco was a perfect way for staff involvement.

Team Eco was formed which features dedicated managers & staff who are passionate about sustainability and will play a big role in encouraging all staff to get on board and bring ideas to Management to consider. It is imperative to encourage everyone to ensure we have the best practices in sustainability as costs are not going to reduce; therefore we have to reduce them ourselves. 

Staff information sessions are also held on a quarterly basis, this gives staff the chance to hear from the team as well as managers about upcoming events and changes to the Club. This is also a great time for the staff to hear how their efforts have made an impact by showing updated graphs and figures on the drop in electricity, water & gas usage.