Our Partners


Clubs’ Sustainable Futures is a team of building and environmental professionals who are passionate about sustainability. Whether you require a simple environmental audit to identify cost-saving opportunities for your facility, or advice on how to make the design of a new building or renovation more sustainable, we can help your Club to use less energy and water and produces less waste.  

Having worked with a wide range of Clubs, we have a proven track record in identifying a range of sustainability solutions for Clubs and other facilities. Often these have been inexpensive to implement and led to significant cost savings. 



Autonomous Energy is an award winning Australian sustainable energy engineering company that offers a wide range of sustainable energy systems and engineering solutions. Our service areas include Turnkey Industrial and Commercial Solar Power Systems, Renewable Energy Engineering, Energy Storage Systems, Professional Energy Audits, Energy Efficiency Upgrades, Energy Saving Scheme Services, VEET Services, Carbon Management Services, Corporate Sustainability Strategy and Reporting, and Environmental Ratings for Buildings.



Wastefree, located at Seven Hills are a waste processing facility dedicated to recovery & recycling of dry general waste. Equipment and workers sort the recyclable materials from non-recyclable. Wastefree are in a  unique position to recycle your mixed dry general waste streams and reduce the majority of your waste going to land fill, saving you money & the environment. 



Since 1996 Aquacell has used an integrated approach to water recycling. Our focus is on non-potable (non-drinking) water systems that can be retrofitted to existing structures or built into new developments. The water recovered in our systems can then be used for a variety of uses including surface irrigation, cooling towers, toilets and more. In a Sydney first, Blacktown Workers Sports Club has chosen to use wastewater recycling in order to maintain its state-of-the-art sports facilities. When limited rainfall and water restrictions prevented regular irrigation of playing fields, Aquacell was called upon for an alternative solution. The outcome? Lush green fields, thanks to the Aquacell SC100.  



Pulpmaster is a food waste management system that will solve the food waste challenges of many businesses. The Pulpmaster 4000 food waste recycling system is a cutting edge solution for the recycling of food waste in commercial food business’. The Pulpmaster 4000 is approximately the size of an average washing machine and allows easy separation of food waste for recovery as a clean source for organic compost and/or for electricity generation through anaerobic digestion.



EP&T Global provides us with a monitoring service to deliver base built and energy savings while providing monthly data to improve building energy & water savings.   

With systems that provide accurate & robust data to improve the ability to respond to both sustainability & operational challenges in a fast, effective & reliable way.   


Paynter Dixon Sustainable Futures aims to promote and employ environmentally sustainable design initiatives for the benefit of its broad client base.

We take seriously our role in the construction industry and the need to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment.

The construction of buildings consumes 32% of the world’s resources, 12% of fresh water in OECD countries and accounts for up to 40% of total energy consumption. The design and construction of our projects therefore needs to incorporate initiatives that reduce energy and water demand, and reduce the amount of solid waste going to landfill each year.

We look beyond the environmental impact of building construction alone and focus on the long term performance of a building for the benefit of our owner-occupier clients.



EarthPower Technologies is Australia's first regional food waste – to – energy facility located in Sydney's west. EarthPower accepts organic waste material from the industrial, commercial and residential sectors and converts it to green energy and nutrient-rich fertiliser.