Stage 2 – of the Building Management System at the Main Club will be completed in 4th Quarter of 2014 to allow further energy efficiency to take place with further savings.

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Stage 1 of the Sports Club building works commenced July 2014

Included will be a heat retention chiller unit that will see a  more efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning system installed that will reduce energy consumption by 30% and allow heat generated through this system to heat the Club in winter, will also reduce overall maintenance costs due to its efficiency.

We are also looking at the capturing of both rain and stormwater in future stages of the Sports Club development which will reduce our overall reliance on town water.

The 3rd Bowling Green opened on 2 August 2014 has its own rainwater tank installed to capture runoff water to be used to irrigate the green.

We will also upgrade further all lighting at the Sports Club.

In Stage 2 with the construction of the new kitchen for the buffet and coffee shop we will be installing the latest in energy efficient kitchen and exhaust systems and equipment.



The first round of the Solar in Clubs program is now complete with over 500kWs of clean energy facilitated. Both Blacktown Workers and Sports Club were part of this, pioneering the way in the Round 1 of the program with a 100kW installation at each Club. Between these two installations, Blacktown Workers and Sports Club should see just under 300,000kW hours being offset from electricity bills each year.

The tender for this project was managed by Solar Choice Commercial, which has assisted hundreds of businesses and other organisations across Australia to make an informed choice with regard to their solar PV installations, in conjunction with Clubs’ Sustainable Futures.

Round 2 of the Solar in Clubs Program has commenced and is nearing the Tender Phase. An opportunity exists for Clubs interested in installing a solar power system to be part of this. For more information please visit